When I was 15 consecutive victories, when I was fighting 73 victories in 20, I was saved. Ah, the whole game was a kind of wine. Three points called. Well, the pioneers in Taizhou were alive. They killed the warriors. Today, they also performed very well. Warriors, anyway, don’t think it was too unexpected to be hungry.

Normal, of course, warriors are still the best team in the West. Ah, there are no exceptions. I don’t know how the warriors play the pioneers lose two goals even if we lose right. We can play four to one and play four to two. We fail. Of course we still have. It is the pioneer, the warriors, and it must be the best candidate for the championship. We have to support this, er challenger, this, the heroic spirit and the courage we still need to encourage and support.

And then, let’s talk about another game today. It should be yesterday’s game for the Lakers. The Lakers are now, uh, behind. The clippers have four games and four games. They have already lost two games. If the latter two games win all, it will be 30 wins in a beaver team. Only two wins are worse.

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