The 76ers are the championship

This big brother steals the tall athletes, steals, ah, the whole bucks. I feel that there are some playoffs. Now, I feel that the playoffs are about two people. One is the Bucks, the other is the 76ers. The 76ers are the cat championship. They are going to fight, um, this fight. Warriors, ah, let’s see if the Bucks can block the bloody trail, right? Well, what about Celtic and raptors? I feel like, let’s have a rest.

In this way, unless we play in the Eastern Conference finals, there’s a little bit of luck. We can steam it. Then we’ll talk about who can laugh the last and who can laugh the best. It seems that the Raptors have made great progress at the beginning of the season. Ah, this is an illusion. They have been repeatedly overtaken by the bucks and the 7-degree men for their exquisite operation.

Ah, Celtic team is even more so. So, many problems have been covered up by last year’s high performance. Do you have any understanding and reinforcement of the team itself. Well, it’s a long-term plan. Well, now it’s also in the backward group. Well, the Raptors, Celtics, 76ers and bucks are basically the four teams that are inferior to the eastern championship. Then the bucks and 76ers will share half.

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When I was 15 consecutive victories, when I was fighting 73 victories in 20, I was saved. Ah, the whole game was a kind of wine. Three points called. Well, the pioneers in Taizhou were alive. They killed the warriors. Today, they also performed very well. Warriors, anyway, don’t think it was too unexpected to be hungry.

Normal, of course, warriors are still the best team in the West. Ah, there are no exceptions. I don’t know how the warriors play the pioneers lose two goals even if we lose right. We can play four to one and play four to two. We fail. Of course we still have. It is the pioneer, the warriors, and it must be the best candidate for the championship. We have to support this, er challenger, this, the heroic spirit and the courage we still need to encourage and support.

And then, let’s talk about another game today. It should be yesterday’s game for the Lakers. The Lakers are now, uh, behind. The clippers have four games and four games. They have already lost two games. If the latter two games win all, it will be 30 wins in a beaver team. Only two wins are worse.

That game has already been lost

Almost, the situation, ah, that game has already been lost, has already been familiar with ah, so, the final moment of the team still depends on the stars, who have more stars, who is strong, who is able to fight, on this winning rate, the winning rate is high, so Paul George, today is behind. Continuous, pilot Mitchell taught Lee Mitchell a lesson. Continuous mistakes, ah, but the thunder team’s overall defense is also very good.

Now, after watching the thunder, every player, every player’s defense in every position is very good, ah, very rough. This is a very good team. The team’s culture is very good for so many years. There are a lot of talents in this team. As long as they play in thunder, they are all talents.

But when they play in thunder, they can’t do it. When they leave thunder, they can’t do it. It shows that the team environment of thunder is good, the coaches are good, and they can give full play to their best ability in this team. So this is the pursuit. Yes, it’s very excellent. The management of the team, the coach, the assistant coach and so on are all very excellent. I personally think, well, let’s look at it again. We said that before the game, at the beginning of the season, at the beginning of the season.

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Who has more stars and whose stars are better

But now without oradibo, it is basically not resistant. After all, the Celtic team still needs to be better. Well, now, why does the Celtic team play so badly? Why do I think I am not optimistic about Celtic? It’s because there is no absolute advantage and there is no strength. If you know who is better in the playoffs, you’ll be better.

Right? If you have more stars, you’ll be better. It depends on the overall ability, the average. Under the circumstances, you’ll have to see who has more stars and whose stars are better. Now we’ll compare Owen with Celtic. Come on, we said that being both a father and a mother can’t release their offensive firepower completely.

If Celtic has a real point guard who can share Owen’s role, or organize small forward who can share Owen’s role. The task, in the case of this heavy task, Owen can brush the long skirt, 28 plus 30 plus, then the Celtic team is quite powerful. You see, Celtic has 28 points and 30 points per game against Owen, who is so close, so capable, and so strong.

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There are still a few champions who can come out and say if gets the first center in the first league

We’ve never said that Tang poetry can’t do it. No, we don’t. what we’re talking about is that the number one center in the league is, um, Peter after this season, right? We haven’t said that Tang poetry can’t do it. We’ve never said that enamel can’t do it. Tang poetry is a rare inside line in the last ten years.

Champion, champion, camp center, some fans remind us that this year’s Aton is also right for this decade. We will start from Howard, and in the next few decades, there are still a few champions who can come out and say if  gets the first center in the first league. No, it’s normal. It’s normal. It’s normal for him to score. It’s also normal for him to play in the top three. Right?

He should play this kind of data. He should play this kind of state and play in the playoffs, right. But, er, just how to say, what he should do is not to think that it’s a very unexpected thing that he has won the game with high scores in the exam now. Then your expectation of Tang Shi is a little too low. It’s really too low.

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So one of the best three-point shooters in history comes from it

As for Curry’s average of five three points, the concept of five three points is 400 plus three points in a single season. We once said that 400 plus three points is a very difficult record to break, but it can not be said that it is an untouchable record. In the future, it may be 10 years or even 15 years later.

Someone will touch this record, or touch or surpass it, but you can see from some other three-point records in curry that there is no advantage, so one of the best three-point shooters in history comes from it. Curry is not in charge of the three-point record of a single game and a single quarter. The total number is more than 2900. Curry has more than 2400 points in his career in a single season.

Today, harden has played 2000. A Thomson is now more than 1700, less than 1800. The age gap between two people and three people is a little. Curry and harden are one year away. Hagen and Thomson are half year away. Thompson and curry are two years away. You can calculate it like this.

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This is the regular season number of the Rockets

One of the reasons is that, if you want to get rid of poverty and become rich, I think you still need to make a comeback. Let’s talk about coffee and the comments of acabera. I just saw the Rockets play fast this morning.

If you have a chance to fight, fast break, if you don’t have a chance to fight, the position, Hello, harden and Paul, do a good job of covering, picking and rolling. Well, this is the regular season number of the Rockets, which is also very useful. So Capella is a necessary character of the Rockets, which is very suitable for acabera and the Rockets.

The Rockets also need the existence of card and Vlad. So we always say that kabela is the only 11 irreplaceable characters in the Rockets. There is no substitute. This character is a treasure in the Rockets. It’s the only position of Bo Huobao. The players above are as like as two peas, but Cabella is no substitute. No one can take the place of its role. No one’s function is the same. So, after drinking the coffee, it is the same. So I think Cabella’s playing time may be very much in the playoffs.

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Then it’s OK to do it for a few years and then give it to such

In the future, this is the upper limit. I think it’s still difficult for James to succeed. Er, I think it’s possible for James to get the first person in the League after the dissolution of the letter brother Kunbo. Of course. Ah, if Durant wins the championship and gets the f MVP, then it’s OK to do it for a few years and then give it to such a bundle.

So, ah, this game, playing like this, playing like this, ah, coach Brett brown, there’s still a problem. There’s still a problem. This kind of game can’t go to the Boban. How can you go to the Bo class? The key is what you want to pursue.

The problem is what you want to pursue. The outside shooter, the nets, who shot 11 of 25, hit 42% of the three-point shooting rate of 4 times 2, and the whole team hit 4 times 2. Instead of individual players, the whole team is 4 times 2, and the whole team of the n76ers has three free shots in 25. Ah, from three or from five, there is only a three-point shooting rate of more than 20%.

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You can see that the shooting percentage is not high

Usually you, right? Now the other team, ah other teams, pay more attention to you and know more about it. This, get that problem. Another possible state is also a bit of a problem, right? You need to also have injuries. In addition, the Rockets now, harden, like the sun at its best.

If you play with self-confidence, harden will be early today. This is, fan, in the fourth quarter, I didn’t go to lunch, right? After that, I wasted a lot of factory time. In my third quarter, I saw that I had made four mistakes. At the beginning of the third quarter, it was 40 thousand. I thought that the fourth episode could not be played. There was no more time.Today, it was more than 30 points and 40 points. It doesn’t matter. Er, you can see that the shooting percentage is not high, but it’s not high, but it’s a lot of assists and a lot of restraint, right? Paul is efficient and stable. Although he has got more than ten points, his 5-by-8 shooting percentage is enough to explain the problem. Ah, you say 35 million is not worth OK, right. Tomorrow, in a word, is it right? High hit rate, ah, the ability to organize, is it right? When harden is not with him, he can organize the team to prevent the team from falling into chaos, right? It’s very useful, isn’t it? Kabila can also reflect his own value, right.

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The memory of 51 points is very deep

Well, the Rockets also have 51 points in a single quarter. The memory of 51 points is very deep. It’s in the third episode. It’s like the third season, the third episode or the fourth episode, the second episode. I forget the last, the last minute and a half. I still watch it. 43 minutes.

I was thinking about how to get 8 minutes in the last minute and a half, 90 seconds and 87 seconds. Oh, it seems that 53 seconds got 8 minutes. Well, I can get 51 points in a single quarter. The score behind it is super fast. It seems that there are so many three points and one two points. Ha ha, I forgot, er, er, two three points and one two points. That’s 3 plus 3 plus 2A. You can see the horror of his attack.

We said that this round of series will play the net. Er, er, Peter is a strong suppressor. It’s a great advantage to suppress the inside line. Ah, today, due to a foul, Peter got more than 20 points and 10 rebounds in 20 minutes. If you have enough travel time, it’s not a big problem to add 15 to 30, right? It’s not a big problem to add 15 to 30. The key is efficiency.

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