What we are talking about is the function of function 234

I, give you a few thumbs. What problems are the Rockets have now? Not only are there some defects in the injuries, but also you don’t know who he will use in this position tomorrow, the Rockets, including the current era of small ball. Well, we always said that the theory we said before is not based on the present position.

What we are talking about is the function of function 234. In fact, the function of this position is the same in the rocket team. Maybe it is the same in some teams, but it is necessary to understand this in the Rockets.

So the Rockets have only one single shot. Coffee, right. It’s five. We have to play five. Before the sun’s machistris came over, we also suspected that if such a player could replace Cabra, you might as well play three. You can see what it is now. Well, is it a big use? It’s a waste of time and a knock on this kind of expectation. Then we can go back and say what the invoice is.

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The revision of the rules has also created the legitimacy of Hagen’s current technical ability and technical characteristics

That’s normal, that’s right. Hey, second, let’s talk about it, because there are a lot of amendments to the current basketball rules. Recently, a lot of repairs have brought out a lot of videos and so on. The second part, the third part, the first part, the second part, it’s two, right? It’s not a walk, right? It’s a very detailed subdivision, right? It’s also based on the rules. It’s revised every year, right? At least not every year, three years, two years, three years.

This is revised, well, because the ability of the players, that is, the speed of the ball, the speed of dribbling, and so on, is changing. Right, the referee, the naked eye can’t keep up with it. It needs this kind of, er, high-tech equipment to assist.

It’s also a kind of representative, so this kind of equipment. The revision of the rules has also created the legitimacy of Hagen’s current technical ability and technical characteristics. First, we talk about the privileged class. Second, we talk about the legitimacy of the rules. We talk about the key points. Just remember.

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Because the players in other positions are excellent and the only center center

Durant plays where it is. But now the Lakers are thriving. Right, there are pants. If there are no pants, in the case of yards, Ingram may go, play, three pairs. According to the team changes, I believe Antony Davis will reach five when he arrives at the Lakers. The boxer has played.

Because the players in other positions are excellent and the only center center is weak, so Anthony Davis, you can play the center position to supplement the weak position. The disadvantage is that other ball can be equal to other positions. It doesn’t mean you, Anthony Davis, it’s a center. Ah, to understand that he is a center and a big forward, it’s possible to exchange positions at will.

Just like Duncan, ask Duncan fans who think Duncan. Ah, the first time in history, don’t you say I am a center. Yeah, in the center, you are nothing, right? In the ranks of the great palace, you are the first to say why you call history the first place, right? That’s why you ask Spurs fans if they want to give up. This aura is not right for Antony Davis. Now it is the first time in the league. You should say that if you are not comfortable, who is lilongji big money.

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If they can play like this all the time

Why the breakthrough seems to be able to play East? Well, we can only say that compared with last year, we can reach a higher level and meet the bucks. Now let’s analyze what the game is like. We can’t make an assertion now because we haven’t carefully observed the Bucks team. Well, for the Rockets, it’s also, if they can play like this all the time, if they can play like this all the time, Fengxian can not make up for this position, so let’s play like this. I also believe that you can, er, break through and play to the Western Conference finals. You don’t want to watch the finals.

Shit, the Raptors team is, um, in the case of valentsunas’ injury, Ibaka does not need to track the main force to replace the center. He really wins the center. He is also a guest. Ibaka has played 46 games this season. Take a look at the data, 37 starts in 46 games, Warren, 30 starts in qiunas, 10 starts by yourself, you can see what I mean. Now, the Raptors’ lineup is that I will change the lineup for whoever you play.

If you have the opponent’s center forward, I will change to India. As like as two peas, you know, as like as two peas in the Rockets, I mean, now the Rockets are the same way. So if Cabella rockets are injured or Cabella is in good health, they will be the same. No matter what the other side treats the other side, kabela is a just starter, no doubt, because the player on the card can play No. 5 or No. 4. In other words, it can also play small, because he only meets a super class player like curry, No. 1 is super class.


We could take him for grante

At the same level, go ahead, compare it. It’s your honor. You need to understand that this is your supreme glory. James Durant is the contemporary Jordan. You and contemporary Jordan compare you with the contemporary Jordan. Why don’t we say anyone else? Why don’t we say Brad SOLITE?

Why don’t we say Bill wall. I took them, we could take him for granted. Right. They said that we didn’t say that we didn’t have any time to criticize them. Brothers, is that the reason? Around us, we said why we didn’t say it. This dance head is zombie jump throw. Choice, disorder, right, we criticize, too. Oh, no way. No way. No way. We go. We go less than James Neville. It’s not enough. It’s not a grade. Understand that you put the same type in the same type comparison. Right, Kuri is in this middle.

There is no going up and down there. It’s down here. Well, I am still very good at the emergence. I am not as good as Durant. You are better than Durant. James is better than James. What does your face have to do with your face? Sadness is your life. Who calls someone else.

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This big contract can exceed one hundred million contracts in five years

This big contract can exceed one hundred million contracts in five years. At that time, there were not many contracts, and there were only a few people. Of course, for those veteran players who have played for many years, we talked about it separately, right? Besides, now, 100 million contracts are nothing.

Now we are looking at grain contracts, right? Over 200 million contracts. Hardenway, don’t you think there are more than 200 million contracts in shaokuli? Now look at these and remember, these are more than 200 million contracts, right? Well, let’s turn over and say, even as for the bottom conflict of Ross clause and rookie clause, the bottom conflict is not considered. It’s said to us that the possibility of Celtic team getting Anthony Davis is very small, but some can, how can’t co-exist, right? The general manager is doing this to eat, just ask you to think about this method, right? Only some, when ugly, trade the materials and then buy them back. Isn’t it so difficult, just.

It’s ugly, isn’t it? If you really do something like that, you’ll be scolded to death. You’re not allowed to amend the labor agreement next year. Is that right? Among gentlemen, they don’t do this kind of thing? Well, how many people are willing to risk the world’s condemnation, right? Dad, Owen trades with Anthony Davis, I trade with Owen, I trade with Owen.

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The 76ers are the championship

This big brother steals the tall athletes, steals, ah, the whole bucks. I feel that there are some playoffs. Now, I feel that the playoffs are about two people. One is the Bucks, the other is the 76ers. The 76ers are the cat championship. They are going to fight, um, this fight. Warriors, ah, let’s see if the Bucks can block the bloody trail, right? Well, what about Celtic and raptors? I feel like, let’s have a rest.

In this way, unless we play in the Eastern Conference finals, there’s a little bit of luck. We can steam it. Then we’ll talk about who can laugh the last and who can laugh the best. It seems that the Raptors have made great progress at the beginning of the season. Ah, this is an illusion. They have been repeatedly overtaken by the bucks and the 7-degree men for their exquisite operation.

Ah, Celtic team is even more so. So, many problems have been covered up by last year’s high performance. Do you have any understanding and reinforcement of the team itself. Well, it’s a long-term plan. Well, now it’s also in the backward group. Well, the Raptors, Celtics, 76ers and bucks are basically the four teams that are inferior to the eastern championship. Then the bucks and 76ers will share half.

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When I was 15 consecutive victories, when I was fighting 73 victories in 20, I was saved. Ah, the whole game was a kind of wine. Three points called. Well, the pioneers in Taizhou were alive. They killed the warriors. Today, they also performed very well. Warriors, anyway, don’t think it was too unexpected to be hungry.

Normal, of course, warriors are still the best team in the West. Ah, there are no exceptions. I don’t know how the warriors play the pioneers lose two goals even if we lose right. We can play four to one and play four to two. We fail. Of course we still have. It is the pioneer, the warriors, and it must be the best candidate for the championship. We have to support this, er challenger, this, the heroic spirit and the courage we still need to encourage and support.

And then, let’s talk about another game today. It should be yesterday’s game for the Lakers. The Lakers are now, uh, behind. The clippers have four games and four games. They have already lost two games. If the latter two games win all, it will be 30 wins in a beaver team. Only two wins are worse.

That game has already been lost

Almost, the situation, ah, that game has already been lost, has already been familiar with ah, so, the final moment of the team still depends on the stars, who have more stars, who is strong, who is able to fight, on this winning rate, the winning rate is high, so Paul George, today is behind. Continuous, pilot Mitchell taught Lee Mitchell a lesson. Continuous mistakes, ah, but the thunder team’s overall defense is also very good.

Now, after watching the thunder, every player, every player’s defense in every position is very good, ah, very rough. This is a very good team. The team’s culture is very good for so many years. There are a lot of talents in this team. As long as they play in thunder, they are all talents.

But when they play in thunder, they can’t do it. When they leave thunder, they can’t do it. It shows that the team environment of thunder is good, the coaches are good, and they can give full play to their best ability in this team. So this is the pursuit. Yes, it’s very excellent. The management of the team, the coach, the assistant coach and so on are all very excellent. I personally think, well, let’s look at it again. We said that before the game, at the beginning of the season, at the beginning of the season.

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Who has more stars and whose stars are better

But now without oradibo, it is basically not resistant. After all, the Celtic team still needs to be better. Well, now, why does the Celtic team play so badly? Why do I think I am not optimistic about Celtic? It’s because there is no absolute advantage and there is no strength. If you know who is better in the playoffs, you’ll be better.

Right? If you have more stars, you’ll be better. It depends on the overall ability, the average. Under the circumstances, you’ll have to see who has more stars and whose stars are better. Now we’ll compare Owen with Celtic. Come on, we said that being both a father and a mother can’t release their offensive firepower completely.

If Celtic has a real point guard who can share Owen’s role, or organize small forward who can share Owen’s role. The task, in the case of this heavy task, Owen can brush the long skirt, 28 plus 30 plus, then the Celtic team is quite powerful. You see, Celtic has 28 points and 30 points per game against Owen, who is so close, so capable, and so strong.

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