Custom Baseball Number Letter Kits

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Looking for customized baseball jersey twill letter and number sets in no need of a whole jersey? Lettering Mall can help you out. At, you already have 30 baseball teams' uniforms letter and number as MLB jerseys.

You want more than that? Sure, tell or send us your twill numbering and lettering design, we will try to make that happen. All twill kits can be done alone at home. All you need is a household iron to iron because there is a back adhesive which will be melt away when encountering heat and stuck on fabric when heat goes away.
The following personalized letter and number kits are following the MLB jersey fonts, colors, size and so on. You will be totally pro when you wear those letter and number kits on.

1. One set of baseball jersey lettering and numbering kits includes all name and number (not including team name or logo) appearing on the pro jerseys as pictures show by default.  
2. Sure, it is OK if you don't want that many, for instance, the small numbers on sleeves are not what you want. After all, those letter and number kits don't have to be for baseball jerseys. Plus, that will save you more money, and we will send a new link to you to order if you have such requirements.