Custom Basketball Number Letter Kits

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Custom basketball number letter kits,NBA jersey lettering number kits, sportswear iron on number kits, uniform iron on lettering or athletes' twill number

Want to create your own basketball jerseys or other sports jerseys with with pro jersey's twill letter and number? here you are able to make unique jerseys with NBA twill kits. Who say we can't do fashion by ourselves alone. A few minutes and a household iron will get all teams or individuals sportswear done, either on shirts, t shirts, pants, hats and so on.
More quantity, more discount, if you're working on team's uniform and want to save some money but still need perfect lettering and numbering design, Lettering Mall is here for you.

1. One set of basketball jersey lettering and numbering kits includes all name and number (not including team name or logo) appearing on the pro jerseys as pictures show by default.  
2. Sure, it is OK if you don't want that many, for instance, the small numbers on chest are not what you want. After all, those letter and number kits don't have to be for basketball jerseys. Plus, that will save you more money, and we will send a new link to you to order.