It takes 14 seconds for you to play a round

It’s not terrible, it’s not frightening. Ha ha, this kind of data shows that the scoring is very crazy, 10 points is defense, it’s also very rigorous, right? Rebounds, rebounds, a lot of numbers, ah, these big teams don’t have so many rebounds. Right? Well, as these players, they can run, jump and grab, right? There are a lot of assists.

Well, the so-called team is very united, and the players have strong ability to receive assists, right? Of course, there must be a lot of rounds. Why are there so many young players who can run. It takes 14 seconds for you to play a round, and it only takes 10 seconds for him to play a round, right? In fact, the Laker team is so big now.

Let’s talk about the Laker team, playing with some organizations of the Laker team, deliberately speeding up the pace of the game, as we said before. How have we played? In three games, we once said that in one game, Wharton and Galileo were commanding and holding the ball. Well, the point guard forgot who it was. Anyway, it was the guy who smashed the ball. He was slow to swallow it. He suddenly kicked Wharton’s instructions across the front court. It was like a broken piece. He accelerated quickly, but he didn’t.

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The overwhelming majority of opposition can be said to be more than nine to one

There are a lot of concerned players or fans, and many of them can’t take care of them. Some friends say that Celtic, some friends say, talk about thunder. Well, it’s really hard work but hard work. Let’s talk about it today. The issue of Green’s contract is on NBA goldcom today. So far, I’ve seen that from this morning till now, it’s still the headlines.

Ah, although the discussion is not very intense, compared with James’ news, er, the number of hits, er, the number of comments, er, the response rate, er, still can’t reach James. However, there is a lot of influence in this area. To be honest, there is a lot of discussion. There are only two voices. One voice is in support of Green’s other voice.

The other voice is not in support of Green’s voice. The other voice is in opposition to Green’s voice. The overwhelming majority of opposition can be said to be more than nine to one. Ah, abusive, abusive, derogatory, all kinds of slanders, one by one, ah, hum. This is my personal opinion. Well, it’s not strange to tell the truth. On the one hand, slander, green, ah, sing down, green is basically.

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The reason for this is very simple

Simmons is a small forward, an organized small forward, James’ template. What position is James? Some people say that James is in the No. 1 position? He does this job, but he is not in this position. If he tries his best to work in the No. 1 position, it will not be able to achieve its maximum value. The reason for this is very simple.

James is too heavy. If he really wants to play No.1, his ability to run without the ball and fight alone will be greatly reduced. Because his physical fitness is not guaranteed, you have to ask him to work and organize. It’s also justice No.1. He gets every ball. Hand James is the same whether he’s in the Cavaliers, the heat or the current Lakers. He’s in the No.3 position. Most of the ball control time is done by himself, and a small part of the ball control time is done by justice point guard. But part of it is physical fitness.

This is James’s correct way of playing. James can never play in the first position. He is completely in charge of the ball. Even if he has the ability now, he will not do it because his value can not be reflected in the position above the court.

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The games that are very concerned about are the media

So it is important that the NBA process can be synchronized. So it is also said that why we should go to see 1230 games a year. It is impossible to watch every game in 1230 games a year. Right, we should go to some focus competitions. Right, these games are media. The focus is also on the players.

The games that are very concerned about are the media rendering this importance. Right, the stars will take these games seriously when one thing is concerned. So these games are very important and representative. Later, this kind of strong team hit the weak team and the weak team, and the weak branch team in this kind of game is weak. You don’t have to go to the dialogue.

It is a waste of time to see you when you go to see it. I said that you can’t finish watching after a player. Don’t chase too much. For example, the rookie is playing well, right.