For the sake of the team as a whole

For the sake of the team as a whole, first of all, for the sake of everyone’s interests, right? I personally think that you should lower your salary and stay in the team, right? Four years is a little more than that, right? Four years, 60 million. I think it’s almost the same.

This market, right, whirring is not happy, obviously. Wrong, you don’t talk about it. You don’t talk about it. You talk about it. We don’t talk about it. Now you want to treat me as a thief. Isn’t that kind of rude, right? Otherwise, when the free market starts trading on July 1, you can go outside and see if there are any teams willing to do it. I’ll offer you a four-year and 100 million fat contract. At that time, we’ll also open the door to see you off. You’ll leave the team until the free market opens on July 1.

Ah, Hoff’s price doesn’t have so many idiots in this market. It’s still early to come back. Celtic team discussed, ah, if you want to take 60 million yuan in four years, we don’t ask for it. After all, you’ve got a premium on the contract. When hofford heard that, he clapped his hands and put down a sentence.

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