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How to iron or heat transfer customized twill letter and number kits on garments with household iron and heat press machine?



Available fabric: Cotton, Polyester, Fabric blends, Spandex, Lycra, Linen, Wool

Washing: Withstands medium to high wash & dry temperatures

Pressure: Medium to firm and even pressure

Time: 65-180 seconds



For pre-cut iron on twill custom number letter

1.  Surface preparaon

Find a flat surface that is waist-high (this will maximize pressure you are able to apply). Put a pillowcase on the surface. Iron should be empty of all water and set for NO Steam. Set the temperature of iron to 330 F / 165 C(or for temperature for coon fabric) and preheat for 5 minutes. Iron the pillowcase to remove wrinkles. Lay your garment down on the pillowcase and iron the garment for a couple of minutes to get rid of moisture.

2.  Iron twill onto garment

With Home Iron:

(1) Peel off silicon paper. Posion the twill lettering and numbering kits with image facing up.

(2) Use both hands and apply firm downward body pressure.

For big letter and number kits, for instance, 8" x 8" iron-on twill numbers & letters, firstly iron across the entire transfers for 10 seconds from left to right; and then make another 10 seconds across the transfer from top to boom; At last, iron entire image over and over again until they are solid.

Iron Time:   8" x 8" = 3 minutes
                 4" x 4" = 120 seconds
                 2" x 2" = 65 seconds   

With Heat Press Machine:

Peel off silicon paper. Position the kits with image facing up.  Set to 330 F / 165 C and press for 25 seconds.

Note: You can iron on each twill number/letter or sew on each one. If you iron on, it is a temporary hold. For a permanent bond, please stitch each twill number/leer patch with a zig-zag stitch with a standard sewing machine.

All technical informaon is based on tests we believe to be reliable. However, we cannot guarantee performance for condions are not under manufacturer’s control.  ALWAYS TEST PRIOR TO RUN. The user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connecon with the use of this product.