It can be seen from the whole game

No matter how I play, at least, it’s impossible. It’s continuous. If I play three more games, it’s still a dog. More than ten points. I don’t think it’s the real strength of the warriors. It can be seen from the whole game. The shooting is very poor. Every player’s shooting is very poor. The key point is to say, um, now, um, Green doesn’t want to say more about it. Anyway, now, the shooting is quite inaccurate.

Well, what I want to say more is that you have a big problem with Thomson now. After curry came back, I feel that, ah, normally, we say that curry and Thomson brothers complement each other and become each other, right? Two players are separated. Ah, if you play, I play, if you don’t spend, you don’t regret, I will. When I come back to play, you can also play, that is, er, it can be said that these two er’s have a great effect on, er, the addition of Er together. However, after curry comes back, it’s obvious that he has a strong will for Thomson.

Well, it’s a bit big. Besides, Thompson’s three-point shooting rate this season has dropped 10 percentage points on his collective guitar. I can’t understand why, er, I really can’t understand whether it’s because of growing a beard. Well, but it’s for me. It’s not a good thing for the warriors. Once Thomson has a low percentage of hits, he can’t play well in the game and can’t make the key pitch, Durant is likely to take advantage of the situation to throw the river to Tao, because you can’t.

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