It doesn’t matter that the three main players

30 teams, if each team has to share a little fans, you have about three 100 balls, 100 enterprises and 100 fans. Ha, each team has three fans, and then they are dominated by the Rockets, warriors and the Los Angeles. Ha, there are almost no fans. You can tell me that although some Celtic players are off or not in the game today, I’m quite sure that even if they are in the game, they won’t be able to play against the bucks.

The bucks are now the same team as last season. The essence of the change, um, and last season’s play, there has been a huge difference, ah, catching up with the Raptors, but I still think, ah, the Raptors are dominant in the East, you can see the latest conspiracy.

It’s easy to play in the game. Well, it doesn’t matter that the three main players don’t play in the frequent rotation of players. Ah, it’s just the same. We can see that it’s the strength, that it’s holding in the hand, that it’s not empty at all, that it’s the feeling, that it’s very stable, and that I still have myself in my heart.

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