It is impossible to stretch out because everyone

The posture is all walking. Basically, it is, it is impossible to stretch out because everyone is familiar with Durant and defensive. Therefore, he is in good health. It is better to be tall enough, right. He should react quickly.

Once Durant stops, he will be close to him. Don’t think about how to cover it. 2 meters 1 height, you can not cover a meter or two this athlete you want to cover 2 meters 11 this, Zou Rand ah think the night ah,  night talk about the rockets and warriors so we can say about the Rockets now west. His play method, the three back first shot is very deep, basically very deep ah, Er is the personal feeling that maybe another de Anthony, coach, ah  move, ah very, er admire, have to be wireless. Get up and wash clothes. How do you play by three defenders? Ah, you can’t make him basically.

You can’t make him. You can get the ball control ability very strong. Breakthrough, ability, excellent. The outside line is one circle. Ah, the player is ready, the projection is finished. It is too simple and practical. Well, we talk about this.

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