It’s not to prove your ability

Recently, it has been a very good performance. Ah, this is the basic level. This is about 56 games and 78 games. The hit rate is very high. What I think is that it seems that 60% more than 70 minutes seems to improve the hit rate. The score is not low efficiency and so on, er.

Ah, before I talk about this thing, there were also some in the previous years. What was Morey playing high after Duncan retired, right? Well, then it slowly came down, right? I think I know this kind of spurs and marchiwen. Spurs play in the team, the hit rate must be high because Bobo, VICH, designed for you, 30000 Hao tactics, right, you don’t use it well, and if you can’t throw in the space, it’s very strange.

You just prove your ability is very poor, right? It’s not to prove your ability. It was very poor ability. Before, this, er, this one of the Spurs, er called double two, interest rate on two. From the beginning to the Spurs, it was years ago. Some friends asked me what I thought about it.

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