Now let’s finally congratulate the Raptors

Don’t say, ah, raptors, team, won the finals. It’s good to win the MVP. Leonard won’t leave the Raptors. In the future, I believe that my friends who listen to my program basically know whether my predictions and opinions are right or not.

Now let’s finally congratulate the Raptors. In the 201819 season, he successfully blocked the warriors’ three consecutive games and won a valuable championship. Well, it’s very gratifying. Warriors fans don’t care too much. Ah, the warriors lost to injuries, not to any opponent, but to injuries.

That’s all for this program. In the evening, I’ll share with you some other news, covering the 19th season. Our program basically ends here. From tomorrow, starting from this evening, we will do the program of the 19th to 20th season. The NBA is so stubborn that we can’t predict the accuracy of the whole year. Performance, good, ah, I hope you give me a score, leave a message, how many points do you give when the full score of 100 points is 100 points?

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