That game has already been lost

Almost, the situation, ah, that game has already been lost, has already been familiar with ah, so, the final moment of the team still depends on the stars, who have more stars, who is strong, who is able to fight, on this winning rate, the winning rate is high, so Paul George, today is behind. Continuous, pilot Mitchell taught Lee Mitchell a lesson. Continuous mistakes, ah, but the thunder team’s overall defense is also very good.

Now, after watching the thunder, every player, every player’s defense in every position is very good, ah, very rough. This is a very good team. The team’s culture is very good for so many years. There are a lot of talents in this team. As long as they play in thunder, they are all talents.

But when they play in thunder, they can’t do it. When they leave thunder, they can’t do it. It shows that the team environment of thunder is good, the coaches are good, and they can give full play to their best ability in this team. So this is the pursuit. Yes, it’s very excellent. The management of the team, the coach, the assistant coach and so on are all very excellent. I personally think, well, let’s look at it again. We said that before the game, at the beginning of the season, at the beginning of the season.

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