The 76ers are the championship

This big brother steals the tall athletes, steals, ah, the whole bucks. I feel that there are some playoffs. Now, I feel that the playoffs are about two people. One is the Bucks, the other is the 76ers. The 76ers are the cat championship. They are going to fight, um, this fight. Warriors, ah, let’s see if the Bucks can block the bloody trail, right? Well, what about Celtic and raptors? I feel like, let’s have a rest.

In this way, unless we play in the Eastern Conference finals, there’s a little bit of luck. We can steam it. Then we’ll talk about who can laugh the last and who can laugh the best. It seems that the Raptors have made great progress at the beginning of the season. Ah, this is an illusion. They have been repeatedly overtaken by the bucks and the 7-degree men for their exquisite operation.

Ah, Celtic team is even more so. So, many problems have been covered up by last year’s high performance. Do you have any understanding and reinforcement of the team itself. Well, it’s a long-term plan. Well, now it’s also in the backward group. Well, the Raptors, Celtics, 76ers and bucks are basically the four teams that are inferior to the eastern championship. Then the bucks and 76ers will share half.

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