This is the regular season number of the Rockets

One of the reasons is that, if you want to get rid of poverty and become rich, I think you still need to make a comeback. Let’s talk about coffee and the comments of acabera. I just saw the Rockets play fast this morning.

If you have a chance to fight, fast break, if you don’t have a chance to fight, the position, Hello, harden and Paul, do a good job of covering, picking and rolling. Well, this is the regular season number of the Rockets, which is also very useful. So Capella is a necessary character of the Rockets, which is very suitable for acabera and the Rockets.

The Rockets also need the existence of card and Vlad. So we always say that kabela is the only 11 irreplaceable characters in the Rockets. There is no substitute. This character is a treasure in the Rockets. It’s the only position of Bo Huobao. The players above are as like as two peas, but Cabella is no substitute. No one can take the place of its role. No one’s function is the same. So, after drinking the coffee, it is the same. So I think Cabella’s playing time may be very much in the playoffs.

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