Those who control the ball have to have the ball

Ah, that is, Thomson can seamlessly cooperate with James perfectly. Some people say that, ah, James, some fans say that James is a ball. Who matches him with this ball? Er, it’s a lot of sacrifice. It’s true. Try it. But if you want to do it, you have to have this ability.

Not everyone can do it. We always say that coaches are idiots, right? Coaches are idiots. Experts and media are idiots. Right? Why do they never discuss these issues. One, the ball is not enough to play. We always have a point of view that the U.S. national team is All-Star, and those who control the ball have to have the ball in their hands. Is that right? The U.S. All-Star, going to the U.S. national team is All-Star.

This ball is enough for them to play, right? So. This kind of theory and argument, in fact, is very stupid and low-level. Ah, I think it’s naive to put it forward, because James has the ball, which is the more threatening player and the most threatening player. So you must give the ball to him. You have to ask James to do this.

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