Who has more stars and whose stars are better

But now without oradibo, it is basically not resistant. After all, the Celtic team still needs to be better. Well, now, why does the Celtic team play so badly? Why do I think I am not optimistic about Celtic? It’s because there is no absolute advantage and there is no strength. If you know who is better in the playoffs, you’ll be better.

Right? If you have more stars, you’ll be better. It depends on the overall ability, the average. Under the circumstances, you’ll have to see who has more stars and whose stars are better. Now we’ll compare Owen with Celtic. Come on, we said that being both a father and a mother can’t release their offensive firepower completely.

If Celtic has a real point guard who can share Owen’s role, or organize small forward who can share Owen’s role. The task, in the case of this heavy task, Owen can brush the long skirt, 28 plus 30 plus, then the Celtic team is quite powerful. You see, Celtic has 28 points and 30 points per game against Owen, who is so close, so capable, and so strong.

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