You can see that the shooting percentage is not high

Usually you, right? Now the other team, ah other teams, pay more attention to you and know more about it. This, get that problem. Another possible state is also a bit of a problem, right? You need to also have injuries. In addition, the Rockets now, harden, like the sun at its best.

If you play with self-confidence, harden will be early today. This is, fan, in the fourth quarter, I didn’t go to lunch, right? After that, I wasted a lot of factory time. In my third quarter, I saw that I had made four mistakes. At the beginning of the third quarter, it was 40 thousand. I thought that the fourth episode could not be played. There was no more time.Today, it was more than 30 points and 40 points. It doesn’t matter. Er, you can see that the shooting percentage is not high, but it’s not high, but it’s a lot of assists and a lot of restraint, right? Paul is efficient and stable. Although he has got more than ten points, his 5-by-8 shooting percentage is enough to explain the problem. Ah, you say 35 million is not worth OK, right. Tomorrow, in a word, is it right? High hit rate, ah, the ability to organize, is it right? When harden is not with him, he can organize the team to prevent the team from falling into chaos, right? It’s very useful, isn’t it? Kabila can also reflect his own value, right.

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