Yao Ming suggested that professional athletes should be included in the compulsory education system

Yao Ming, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and chairman of the Basketball Association of the United States, submitted a speech entitled “personality building can not be ignored”. He pointed out that at present, the reserve of reserve talents for many projects in China is not strong. At this stage, we should further expand the youth training channels such as men’s basketball.

To prevent talent gap, education without physical education is not complete, and sports without education is not reliable. Yao Ming thinks that all kinds of top-level design, system reform and mechanism innovation around the integration of sports and education should be people-oriented. We should not ignore the personality shaping while promoting the physical fitness of the majority of young people. In Yao Ming’s opinion, the core values of modern sports include patriotism, national emotion, rule consciousness, team consciousness, fighting spirit and courage to overcome setbacks.

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Yao Ming, an important part of healthy personality, thinks that the reserve talents for many projects in China are not strong. Take the men’s basketball team as an example, the national team players are 350 players from 20 teams of CBA League, and 60% of CBA Players are from Liaoning, Shandong, Jilin, Heilongjiang. In the six provinces of Hebei and Jiangsu, 55% of them are independently trained by eight clubs, and only 22 people come from non majors. Therefore, it is urgent to broaden the channels of youth training for men’s basketball.

At this stage, we should further broaden the youth training channels to prevent talent gap. Yao pointed out that professional athletes training cycle. In general, it is rare to have eight to ten years of high-level athletes. It needs long-term, meticulous and meticulous polishing. At the critical stage of system reform, we should pay special attention to the training of reserve forces in various sports, so as to avoid the unfavorable situation that the new system has not been established and the old system has not been managed.

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