We are very familiar with the warriors next season will definitely return to the ranks of the playoffs

The warriors, which we are very familiar with, will definitely return to the ranks of the playoffs next season. It will be a big challenge for the Lakers to face the new warriors in the playoffs. At the same time, the Denver Nuggets that the Lakers meet this year, including many other young teams in the west, will increase.

In fact, it can be said from the experience of that year that any team that can stand out from the west next year will face greater challenges than this year, but the opposite team will still face the same Miami Heat team, which has started to operate very well.

It’s very early. But, in fact, why do you think the Miami heat can still reach the finals next year? I just said that Miami is a start this year. He’s still young and the players will be stronger next year. He can also be transferred to Jimi Butler in the free market. We have also seen him prove that he is a superstar in the league.

Right, so their future is very bright, and for those teams in the East, including Celtic and bucks, in terms of temperament or staffing, I think compared with, hot, I think the heat are more dominant. In fact, it’s a bit early to talk about the playoffs of next season.

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I’d like to believe that when the Bulls return to the playoffs next season

That’s right, so in fact, it’s not so much that industry and agriculture are stepping down as a team in a state of reconstruction. It’s better for us to think boldly. It’s very likely that from next season, the bulls will have to make both great again.

But I think if the Bulls return to the playoffs next season, this is what I would like to believe. If the Bulls need to return to the playoffs next season, I think the problem of his attack must be solved. Last season, their 12th place in the defensive League was already OK for an African team.

He said that, however, attacking the 27th in the league is a bit disappointing, because in the impression, there are still a lot of young people in their team who can attack. Raven, MARCELLIN and Kobe white all show that their ability to brush points is very strong, but why does this team attack.

At that time, the Bulls’ coach was worse than that of the Siro Park coach, who was known as the worst coach in the league. If there were more than one coach, I think at least one coach between the first gear and the second gear would definitely make the Bulls play in attack.

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The core of the Knicks last season should be orz Barrett and Michelle Robinson

Last season, the core of the Knicks should be orz Barrett and Michelle Robinson, including that they still hold this year’s No. 8 signing this year. It is very likely that they will choose a point guard in this position. If this rookie can play a role, I think this can establish the Knicks’ fleet system. In fact, I think it is rare.

That is to say, his greatest talent is to tap the talent of a relatively young team with talent, and to build a relatively iron and blood team. The culture can make their record even higher, from a team on the edge of the playoffs to a playoff team, or have always been there.

The team at the bottom of the rankings has become a team that may compete for the division championship and rank. I think this is what Xiluodu is best at. It is not that he is not strong enough, or he can not control the Knicks. But I think it is not the right time to come. This Knicks is a team still in the mire.

It is more suitable for the coach who may be more moderate to carry forward. The characteristics of each player bring them out of the mire. So I don’t think that the signing of this contract does not mean that Hebrew is not good enough. I gave C, but I think it is a problem that the timing is not right.

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Ten of the 30 teams feel they have the quality to compete for the title

It’s because of the feeling that one third of the league’s teams, ten out of 30 teams feel that they have the ability to compete for the championship, not necessarily the ability to win the championship. Sometimes I just think that I can make it to the finals, which leads to the teams in the head to start an arms race, and they all start to recruit people like me.

As we said before, many of the stars in their year of playing have come to the crossroads of their lives, either fighting for their first championship or fighting for their historical status. Another point is that it is also an action for teams that may not be competing for the championship but want to enter the post-season games.

Frequently, it may also follow the League next season. It will continue to play very, very popular wild card game in the bubble. The seventh and eighth place in the East and west of the league is not decided by the result of the final seventh and eighth place, but by the four teams with seven to ten places in the wild card race, that is for many.

For some teams on the edge of the playoffs, this may be a very good shortcut for them to enter the playoffs. That is to say, the competition for the head is fierce. The number of teams in the middle class has increased. What’s more, the team at the bottom has a very strong motivation because we know this year’s draft.

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It’s very powerful. As soon as the left hand is bought, the right hand is sold at a high price

Very powerful, the left hand just bought the right hand, sold at a high price, the player did not stay in his own book, ah, transferred such a handling fee, left one, the draft right to stay. The main body of this deal with Philadelphia 76ers is that they just got Denny greenner from the Lakers, and the Philadelphia 76ers got it in this deal.

Green and the thunder team’s small forward, Ferguson and thunder, have won two goods Ford, as well as a first round signing of the 76ers in 2025 and a second round at the draft convention just now. The signing has to say that the Murray man is bad or bad, but he is not soft hearted to make a deal with the knife.

As soon as I took office, I dealt with hofford’s bad contract, which was a headache last season. The deal also made the Philadelphia fans very happy. I saw on the social media in the United States that many Philadelphia fans had sent all kinds of moving pictures. The celebration of Hoff’s leaving was decorated with lights.

That’s true. After last season’s first season’s match, hofford’s playing method is not very compatible with 67 people. They changed. Hofford bought shooter Zhang Tielin and Ferguson, who has a strong impact, is in this flank in space.

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The deal can’t be said to be a mere bargaining chip

It’s true that for bucks, this deal can’t just be seen as a bargaining chip. It must be unequal. The Bucks will definitely lose. But as you said just now, if you consider that this deal can lay a foundation for the future letter song renewal of bucks, this transaction will have to be done.

But I really think that the price of this broken price is a little too high, and this transaction is a little similar to this pickled pepper. Last season’s trade, thunder gave the pickled peppers to the clippers, and the Clippers paid a lot of price. We think the price of this fast man is too high.

But you have to know that the deal is actually a contract with Kawaii, which is basically bound. Without the arrival of pickled peppers, Kawaii will not come to the clipper. In fact, this is similar to the stag’s horn. Without Hedi, it may mean losing the letter song. From this point of view, this chip is still understandable before.

Remember us, when we were in the shooting guard ranking period, some fans said that we ranked hollodi high. But now, it seems that the general manager of the NBA is really more optimistic about the transaction value. Besides, it is urgent for the bucks to leave letters.

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James is 32-4 in the playoffs against the Eastern team

James is 32-4 in the playoffs against the Eastern Conference, which includes eight series wins, with 2644.0. I’ve been in the League for 14 years.

For 12 consecutive playoffs, I have experienced too much, and I am an experienced player. James said that this is not the most difficult time for me. I understand that when I come to the court, I need to be ready to win the game. James has basically met the popular tactics in the last ten years.

Uncle’s lineup, small lineup, Twin Tower lineup, opposing lineup, etc. This is the Cavaliers’ biggest vigilance. They have the most experienced leaders. When the team has problems, James can always stand up and take care of everything on the basketball court of Casey coach, who was born as a defensive assistant.

It’s all because it can be scoring on the court, the shooter, the rebounder, the hand and the defender. He knows how to create opportunities for his teammates, he knows where to stand and how to tackle different defenders.

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Sculptor Blake Griffin, as if cursed

All this I want to introduce is, sculptor Blake Griffin, as if cursed.

In class 61, Griffin was injured again in the playoffs, and his efforts with the clippers were in vain. For six years, Griffin changed everything about himself, just like a sculptor who was frustrated.

Go to walk but can not get the mainstream return, a tune on the body team construction of the perfect proportion of the body, from the debut of the strong body.

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The first round is by no means the best NBA game of a season

Today, I would like to review with you the first round of the NBA playoffs in the 2016-16-17 season. The first round is by no means the most exciting time of a season’s NBA games, but this is enough to make everyone nervous, because it is the playoff stage.

Happiness is not just about the government. It’s not just about the government. It’s the time to divide life and death. Ko battle. The trail blazer jab is usually used at the beginning of the attack. The first match between the warriors and the pioneers looks more like a mutual trial. The process is at the end of the regular season. The Blazers are 12-4, and the warriors are playing the universe.

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So waiting for the second item is more crazy

As a point guard, I really learned how to dominate the offensive system that followed the team all the time. However, at that time, the Spurs attack, as long as it was running around Duncan and Robinson, was not too difficult for the point guard. After Parker started, it was science.

Bo Yibo won seven games in a row. During the 2001-02 season, Parker was played 77 times by the Spurs. 72 was the starting average per game, with 9.2 assists, 4.3 steals and 1.2 times selected as the NBA rookie of the year. First team Parker has just arrived home.

In San Antonio, Popovich described the vacancy he wanted. Yes, Parker’s first video was to make him a player directed by Avery Johnson. After all, at that time, general was the only main point guard in the Spurs’ history to win the championship. If Parker felt like he was going to be the next little incense.

So, waiting for the second item, the second item, was even more crazy. Popovich took out one and drew a line with Parker’s name on one end and John Stockton on the other.

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