The first round is by no means the best NBA game of a season

Today, I would like to review with you the first round of the NBA playoffs in the 2016-16-17 season. The first round is by no means the most exciting time of a season’s NBA games, but this is enough to make everyone nervous, because it is the playoff stage.

Happiness is not just about the government. It’s not just about the government. It’s the time to divide life and death. Ko battle. The trail blazer jab is usually used at the beginning of the attack. The first match between the warriors and the pioneers looks more like a mutual trial. The process is at the end of the regular season. The Blazers are 12-4, and the warriors are playing the universe.

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So waiting for the second item is more crazy

As a point guard, I really learned how to dominate the offensive system that followed the team all the time. However, at that time, the Spurs attack, as long as it was running around Duncan and Robinson, was not too difficult for the point guard. After Parker started, it was science.

Bo Yibo won seven games in a row. During the 2001-02 season, Parker was played 77 times by the Spurs. 72 was the starting average per game, with 9.2 assists, 4.3 steals and 1.2 times selected as the NBA rookie of the year. First team Parker has just arrived home.

In San Antonio, Popovich described the vacancy he wanted. Yes, Parker’s first video was to make him a player directed by Avery Johnson. After all, at that time, general was the only main point guard in the Spurs’ history to win the championship. If Parker felt like he was going to be the next little incense.

So, waiting for the second item, the second item, was even more crazy. Popovich took out one and drew a line with Parker’s name on one end and John Stockton on the other.

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Owen set himself a goal

The best rookie of the year, Changqing 17 points, seven assists, two steals and one block. Before the off-season, Owen set a target for himself and played an arrow next to the data, pointing to the defensive end, leading the team and winning. As a result, he averaged 18.55 points per game in 30.5 minutes that year.

5.4 assists, 3.7 rebounds, 1.1 steals, 0.4 blocks, all failed to meet the standard except points, but did not hinder him. He got the rookie of the year, and he made a breakthrough like spring flower. The almost all-round shot without dead corners immediately captured the hearts of fans. After James left, she was regarded as the Cavaliers’ next hope. The third game of rookie season was the last moment of the Cavs’ away game against the Pacers.

Owen pointed out that the apprentice blocked a left figure and dribbled past Paul George in disguise, but the left hand lay up finally slipped out of the basket, even if it accelerated the defeat. Four weeks later, Boston had only 22.2 seconds left, which was actually one point behind. At that time, coach Byron Scott gave Owen the last chance. He let the rookie point guard operate the practice, 15 seconds of the ball and then attack. We took a look at our father Derek sitting on the sideline, pressed the tissue to dribble near the three-point line, looking for opportunities.

After giving up the opponent, he found the open space in the basket defense at this time, so he crossed between bass and Bradley, Owen, the Celtics immediately narrowed the defense, but Owen was too fast, left-handed layup, James almost.

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The current situation is worrying

There are 13 opponents and four ancient cities in the world. The current situation is worrying. I would not expect to ask about the playoff seats. And it looks like it’s on the verge of extinction, and I say those are the only hopes of the season.

This kind of situation, for the Spurs is already common, so anyway, keep smiling, we come to say it is actually very bluffing, talk about the earth can clearly see three things, as well as the Cavaliers defense gap, the third quarter a wave of trend graphics card network card 127.

Familiar slogan should be called, this time can see you use it, you certainly will not, believe that the third game will be such a tragic result. He really wants to go, not to mention Chen Changhui is a, silly, to see the performance of the magician and the Laker, presumably this year’s contract does not have to worry about it, a fresh feeling can be achieved.

In the end, it’s mine. It must be yesterday. It must be the killer. He is. Seeing him and the magician, I guess the conversation between them might be to see me.

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Coach Brown from the Spurs

Coach brown, who was born in the Spurs department, has always injected the idea of sharing the ball into this team. The average success rate of 76 players per game is 26.9. The playing style of Golden State Warriors not only makes the attack more smooth, but also makes the game more beautiful. The 76ers of this season.

Yesterday’s game let us know that Simmons got 27 points, 13 rebounds, 13 assists, four steals and a block, while James scored 44 points.

Eleven rebounds, eleven assists, two steals, one block is the first time in 35 years that the double champion has won three doubles. More praiseworthy than the data is the influence of the two players on the field, both sides of attack and defense have a profound impact on the team.

Simmons, led the leading wave of the team, and James led the team to make up for the huge difference in the pursuit of points, always in the NBA, staged, I don’t want to say.

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The pressure of life is still so intense

I feel depressed, should be a concern in my career, because Asian identity encountered numerous bottlenecks, in the NBA draft, I and John wall are all the people.

The fastest is sometimes considered to be the elite, and I, however, is regarded as seemingly elite. My whole life has been covered by the word “see the dead”. Are we not all playing basketball? We should eliminate these prejudices. What Lin Shuhao said seems to be a few.

The pressure of life outside of you is still so intense. Most of the time, we see that the girl chooses a guy who is not Asian, but we seldom say to non Asian people that it is sweeping the world. It’s not because of men’s demands, but because I think that the two situations, at least men’s views are different.

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The last three seasons have been plagued by injuries

In 1988 season, before the game, Bodhi had to readjust his spine before he could participate in the competition. Sometimes, he had to lie down for several hours before he could take part in the game. Why was he the super giant bird of the League at that time.

When I was a child, I was too poor at home, but after I succeeded, he didn’t want to spend money. He was too conceited. He thought that he could do everything and had nothing to take.

In the last three seasons of my career, I was plagued by injuries. Even so, he was able to export 20 plus 9 and 8. After retiring, Byrd became the only coach of the year to win MVP in NBA history.

The player of India’s best general manager, tough and stubborn heart, is a label throughout his life. If it wasn’t for his almost abnormal, conceited bird might not have been injured, and the whole history of NBA might have been rewritten.

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Need teammates to rotate actively to make up defense

It’s straight to the bottom line of the basket. This side should know that this is the baseline. When shooting, the rebounds are most likely to fall. Next, let’s talk about jumping up and down. That’s only a short center like Harrier, and the short centers are not all like hello. Because of his height of only 2.01 meters, killing always depends on the non sharp jump to get those.

Precious rebounds, this year’s regular season reached 7.14, 2.6 in the live version, which set a personal record. Moreover, because the average score exceeded 18 points, he snatched the trophy of the best sixth man from teammate Lu Wei. However, the above three words all refer to the highest level of individual defense or team defense on the basketball court.

No matter it’s the assist defense or the sandwich attack, it’s necessary for the team-mates to actively rotate and supplement defense to avoid the vacancy. Therefore, the oil on the sole of the feet has become the last magic weapon. In the last five minutes, the defensive strength of the Clippers has reached its maximum, and everyone’s attention is highly focused. What about the next ball, Mr. George.

Murray’s first party, he fell down and resisted. About, Kiki wanted to catch the ball. However, he was too short and might be mistaken for a single quality. At this time, George and Liang and Na consciously moved to the position of singles. Finally, George came forward and wrapped the ball. The instrument company in the bag, which was as blue as the guard basket, passed the ball back to him.

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Will letters leave like Durant

Hello, welcome to my article. Today, let’s talk about the future of letters. Will letters leave like Durant? The situation of letters is similar to Durant in 2015, but he doesn’t read them.

Similar to Durant’s situation five years ago, it was time for him to renew his contract in advance. The difference is that Durant is highly confident in his own ability, but his letter playing skills have obvious shortcomings. The prospect of winning the championship in the future is complicated and confusing, because both he and the Bucks have considerable uncertainty.

I don’t think the letter rate will match. The chest will renew the contract ahead of time, but leave the choice to next summer. In the last year of the contract, the letter needs this kind of initiative. Just like Durant faced thunder in the summer of 2015, Durant just wanted to give thunder a chance. The letter is far from so simple that she needs to make changes.

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With a 16 point advantage into the second half

With a 16 point advantage into the second half, even after the beginning of the third quarter, this momentum still did not decrease. After a steal, a time when George killed Murray and completed the counterattack, the clippers were ahead by 19 points 68-49. At that time, the time was 10 minutes and 11 seconds. Nuggets are a very strange team. They are good at it.

Attack, but because of the defensive discipline, the strong are often caught by the opponents, score hard and open in an instant. However, usually in the dressing room, Coach Malone will adjust and mobilize. Once the determined defense is tight, he will play an incredible big score in the third quarter. He will turn back to the playoffs of the past two years and record the history and reversal.

A lot. In Game 5 of the first round against the Jazz this year, they started the counterattack in the third quarter at 9:44. The remaining time was 64. The fifth game of 36 pairs of clippers started at 9:42. The remaining time was 65-44. They had the fourth consecutive round of answers, and both of them were one-to-three.

The Nuggets have never lost Game 5. No matter it’s the tianwangshan battle after 2-2 or the one-to-3 elimination, the final Tieqi has won or lost, but yes, their willfulness is a kind of tempering. The Clippers seem to be unprepared for the performance of the Nuggets, but in my opinion, this is not just thinking.

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