It means that the greatness of a player does not lie in how good the players around

Can you explain that the warriors are very strong? No, it’s just a season of crazy performance. So we say that the 60 companies in curina don’t clock out in three quarters, because it’s just a time, just a season’s product. Curina still has. This season, ah, there are more than a dozen seasons before, and there are several seasons after that. Can’t you get 60 teams in one game in your whole career? Is it all on Durant or Thomson?

Then you can’t see 60 teams with such players around? Ah, we remember Wade once said that in the heat. I believe Wade’s fans, or James’ fans, must be. Sorry to interrupt, but this is exactly what James saw in the heat after Wade said this. That is, Jia’s score, what does it mean?

It means that the greatness of a player does not lie in how good the players around him will hinder your development. Is it true that Rodman and Pippen are not good enough? Is it true that the greatness of Rodman and Pippen can hinder Jordan’s greatness.

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It doesn’t matter that the three main players

30 teams, if each team has to share a little fans, you have about three 100 balls, 100 enterprises and 100 fans. Ha, each team has three fans, and then they are dominated by the Rockets, warriors and the Los Angeles. Ha, there are almost no fans. You can tell me that although some Celtic players are off or not in the game today, I’m quite sure that even if they are in the game, they won’t be able to play against the bucks.

The bucks are now the same team as last season. The essence of the change, um, and last season’s play, there has been a huge difference, ah, catching up with the Raptors, but I still think, ah, the Raptors are dominant in the East, you can see the latest conspiracy.

It’s easy to play in the game. Well, it doesn’t matter that the three main players don’t play in the frequent rotation of players. Ah, it’s just the same. We can see that it’s the strength, that it’s holding in the hand, that it’s not empty at all, that it’s the feeling, that it’s very stable, and that I still have myself in my heart.

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It can be seen from the whole game

No matter how I play, at least, it’s impossible. It’s continuous. If I play three more games, it’s still a dog. More than ten points. I don’t think it’s the real strength of the warriors. It can be seen from the whole game. The shooting is very poor. Every player’s shooting is very poor. The key point is to say, um, now, um, Green doesn’t want to say more about it. Anyway, now, the shooting is quite inaccurate.

Well, what I want to say more is that you have a big problem with Thomson now. After curry came back, I feel that, ah, normally, we say that curry and Thomson brothers complement each other and become each other, right? Two players are separated. Ah, if you play, I play, if you don’t spend, you don’t regret, I will. When I come back to play, you can also play, that is, er, it can be said that these two er’s have a great effect on, er, the addition of Er together. However, after curry comes back, it’s obvious that he has a strong will for Thomson.

Well, it’s a bit big. Besides, Thompson’s three-point shooting rate this season has dropped 10 percentage points on his collective guitar. I can’t understand why, er, I really can’t understand whether it’s because of growing a beard. Well, but it’s for me. It’s not a good thing for the warriors. Once Thomson has a low percentage of hits, he can’t play well in the game and can’t make the key pitch, Durant is likely to take advantage of the situation to throw the river to Tao, because you can’t.

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It is impossible to stretch out because everyone

The posture is all walking. Basically, it is, it is impossible to stretch out because everyone is familiar with Durant and defensive. Therefore, he is in good health. It is better to be tall enough, right. He should react quickly.

Once Durant stops, he will be close to him. Don’t think about how to cover it. 2 meters 1 height, you can not cover a meter or two this athlete you want to cover 2 meters 11 this, Zou Rand ah think the night ah,  night talk about the rockets and warriors so we can say about the Rockets now west. His play method, the three back first shot is very deep, basically very deep ah, Er is the personal feeling that maybe another de Anthony, coach, ah  move, ah very, er admire, have to be wireless. Get up and wash clothes. How do you play by three defenders? Ah, you can’t make him basically.

You can’t make him. You can get the ball control ability very strong. Breakthrough, ability, excellent. The outside line is one circle. Ah, the player is ready, the projection is finished. It is too simple and practical. Well, we talk about this.

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It’s not to prove your ability

Recently, it has been a very good performance. Ah, this is the basic level. This is about 56 games and 78 games. The hit rate is very high. What I think is that it seems that 60% more than 70 minutes seems to improve the hit rate. The score is not low efficiency and so on, er.

Ah, before I talk about this thing, there were also some in the previous years. What was Morey playing high after Duncan retired, right? Well, then it slowly came down, right? I think I know this kind of spurs and marchiwen. Spurs play in the team, the hit rate must be high because Bobo, VICH, designed for you, 30000 Hao tactics, right, you don’t use it well, and if you can’t throw in the space, it’s very strange.

You just prove your ability is very poor, right? It’s not to prove your ability. It was very poor ability. Before, this, er, this one of the Spurs, er called double two, interest rate on two. From the beginning to the Spurs, it was years ago. Some friends asked me what I thought about it.

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Those who control the ball have to have the ball

Ah, that is, Thomson can seamlessly cooperate with James perfectly. Some people say that, ah, James, some fans say that James is a ball. Who matches him with this ball? Er, it’s a lot of sacrifice. It’s true. Try it. But if you want to do it, you have to have this ability.

Not everyone can do it. We always say that coaches are idiots, right? Coaches are idiots. Experts and media are idiots. Right? Why do they never discuss these issues. One, the ball is not enough to play. We always have a point of view that the U.S. national team is All-Star, and those who control the ball have to have the ball in their hands. Is that right? The U.S. All-Star, going to the U.S. national team is All-Star.

This ball is enough for them to play, right? So. This kind of theory and argument, in fact, is very stupid and low-level. Ah, I think it’s naive to put it forward, because James has the ball, which is the more threatening player and the most threatening player. So you must give the ball to him. You have to ask James to do this.

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What we are talking about is the function of function 234

I, give you a few thumbs. What problems are the Rockets have now? Not only are there some defects in the injuries, but also you don’t know who he will use in this position tomorrow, the Rockets, including the current era of small ball. Well, we always said that the theory we said before is not based on the present position.

What we are talking about is the function of function 234. In fact, the function of this position is the same in the rocket team. Maybe it is the same in some teams, but it is necessary to understand this in the Rockets.

So the Rockets have only one single shot. Coffee, right. It’s five. We have to play five. Before the sun’s machistris came over, we also suspected that if such a player could replace Cabra, you might as well play three. You can see what it is now. Well, is it a big use? It’s a waste of time and a knock on this kind of expectation. Then we can go back and say what the invoice is.

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The revision of the rules has also created the legitimacy of Hagen’s current technical ability and technical characteristics

That’s normal, that’s right. Hey, second, let’s talk about it, because there are a lot of amendments to the current basketball rules. Recently, a lot of repairs have brought out a lot of videos and so on. The second part, the third part, the first part, the second part, it’s two, right? It’s not a walk, right? It’s a very detailed subdivision, right? It’s also based on the rules. It’s revised every year, right? At least not every year, three years, two years, three years.

This is revised, well, because the ability of the players, that is, the speed of the ball, the speed of dribbling, and so on, is changing. Right, the referee, the naked eye can’t keep up with it. It needs this kind of, er, high-tech equipment to assist.

It’s also a kind of representative, so this kind of equipment. The revision of the rules has also created the legitimacy of Hagen’s current technical ability and technical characteristics. First, we talk about the privileged class. Second, we talk about the legitimacy of the rules. We talk about the key points. Just remember.

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Because the players in other positions are excellent and the only center center

Durant plays where it is. But now the Lakers are thriving. Right, there are pants. If there are no pants, in the case of yards, Ingram may go, play, three pairs. According to the team changes, I believe Antony Davis will reach five when he arrives at the Lakers. The boxer has played.

Because the players in other positions are excellent and the only center center is weak, so Anthony Davis, you can play the center position to supplement the weak position. The disadvantage is that other ball can be equal to other positions. It doesn’t mean you, Anthony Davis, it’s a center. Ah, to understand that he is a center and a big forward, it’s possible to exchange positions at will.

Just like Duncan, ask Duncan fans who think Duncan. Ah, the first time in history, don’t you say I am a center. Yeah, in the center, you are nothing, right? In the ranks of the great palace, you are the first to say why you call history the first place, right? That’s why you ask Spurs fans if they want to give up. This aura is not right for Antony Davis. Now it is the first time in the league. You should say that if you are not comfortable, who is lilongji big money.

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If they can play like this all the time

Why the breakthrough seems to be able to play East? Well, we can only say that compared with last year, we can reach a higher level and meet the bucks. Now let’s analyze what the game is like. We can’t make an assertion now because we haven’t carefully observed the Bucks team. Well, for the Rockets, it’s also, if they can play like this all the time, if they can play like this all the time, Fengxian can not make up for this position, so let’s play like this. I also believe that you can, er, break through and play to the Western Conference finals. You don’t want to watch the finals.

Shit, the Raptors team is, um, in the case of valentsunas’ injury, Ibaka does not need to track the main force to replace the center. He really wins the center. He is also a guest. Ibaka has played 46 games this season. Take a look at the data, 37 starts in 46 games, Warren, 30 starts in qiunas, 10 starts by yourself, you can see what I mean. Now, the Raptors’ lineup is that I will change the lineup for whoever you play.

If you have the opponent’s center forward, I will change to India. As like as two peas, you know, as like as two peas in the Rockets, I mean, now the Rockets are the same way. So if Cabella rockets are injured or Cabella is in good health, they will be the same. No matter what the other side treats the other side, kabela is a just starter, no doubt, because the player on the card can play No. 5 or No. 4. In other words, it can also play small, because he only meets a super class player like curry, No. 1 is super class.

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