I’d like to believe that when the Bulls return to the playoffs next season

That’s right, so in fact, it’s not so much that industry and agriculture are stepping down as a team in a state of reconstruction. It’s better for us to think boldly. It’s very likely that from next season, the bulls will have to make both great again.

But I think if the Bulls return to the playoffs next season, this is what I would like to believe. If the Bulls need to return to the playoffs next season, I think the problem of his attack must be solved. Last season, their 12th place in the defensive League was already OK for an African team.

He said that, however, attacking the 27th in the league is a bit disappointing, because in the impression, there are still a lot of young people in their team who can attack. Raven, MARCELLIN and Kobe white all show that their ability to brush points is very strong, but why does this team attack.

At that time, the Bulls’ coach was worse than that of the Siro Park coach, who was known as the worst coach in the league. If there were more than one coach, I think at least one coach between the first gear and the second gear would definitely make the Bulls play in attack.

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