It’s very powerful. As soon as the left hand is bought, the right hand is sold at a high price

Very powerful, the left hand just bought the right hand, sold at a high price, the player did not stay in his own book, ah, transferred such a handling fee, left one, the draft right to stay. The main body of this deal with Philadelphia 76ers is that they just got Denny greenner from the Lakers, and the Philadelphia 76ers got it in this deal.

Green and the thunder team’s small forward, Ferguson and thunder, have won two goods Ford, as well as a first round signing of the 76ers in 2025 and a second round at the draft convention just now. The signing has to say that the Murray man is bad or bad, but he is not soft hearted to make a deal with the knife.

As soon as I took office, I dealt with hofford’s bad contract, which was a headache last season. The deal also made the Philadelphia fans very happy. I saw on the social media in the United States that many Philadelphia fans had sent all kinds of moving pictures. The celebration of Hoff’s leaving was decorated with lights.

That’s true. After last season’s first season’s match, hofford’s playing method is not very compatible with 67 people. They changed. Hofford bought shooter Zhang Tielin and Ferguson, who has a strong impact, is in this flank in space.

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