James is 32-4 in the playoffs against the Eastern team

James is 32-4 in the playoffs against the Eastern Conference, which includes eight series wins, with 2644.0. I’ve been in the League for 14 years.

For 12 consecutive playoffs, I have experienced too much, and I am an experienced player. James said that this is not the most difficult time for me. I understand that when I come to the court, I need to be ready to win the game. James has basically met the popular tactics in the last ten years.

Uncle’s lineup, small lineup, Twin Tower lineup, opposing lineup, etc. This is the Cavaliers’ biggest vigilance. They have the most experienced leaders. When the team has problems, James can always stand up and take care of everything on the basketball court of Casey coach, who was born as a defensive assistant.

It’s all because it can be scoring on the court, the shooter, the rebounder, the hand and the defender. He knows how to create opportunities for his teammates, he knows where to stand and how to tackle different defenders.

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