Ten of the 30 teams feel they have the quality to compete for the title

It’s because of the feeling that one third of the league’s teams, ten out of 30 teams feel that they have the ability to compete for the championship, not necessarily the ability to win the championship. Sometimes I just think that I can make it to the finals, which leads to the teams in the head to start an arms race, and they all start to recruit people like me.

As we said before, many of the stars in their year of playing have come to the crossroads of their lives, either fighting for their first championship or fighting for their historical status. Another point is that it is also an action for teams that may not be competing for the championship but want to enter the post-season games.

Frequently, it may also follow the League next season. It will continue to play very, very popular wild card game in the bubble. The seventh and eighth place in the East and west of the league is not decided by the result of the final seventh and eighth place, but by the four teams with seven to ten places in the wild card race, that is for many.

For some teams on the edge of the playoffs, this may be a very good shortcut for them to enter the playoffs. That is to say, the competition for the head is fierce. The number of teams in the middle class has increased. What’s more, the team at the bottom has a very strong motivation because we know this year’s draft.

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