The core of the Knicks last season should be orz Barrett and Michelle Robinson

Last season, the core of the Knicks should be orz Barrett and Michelle Robinson, including that they still hold this year’s No. 8 signing this year. It is very likely that they will choose a point guard in this position. If this rookie can play a role, I think this can establish the Knicks’ fleet system. In fact, I think it is rare.

That is to say, his greatest talent is to tap the talent of a relatively young team with talent, and to build a relatively iron and blood team. The culture can make their record even higher, from a team on the edge of the playoffs to a playoff team, or have always been there.

The team at the bottom of the rankings has become a team that may compete for the division championship and rank. I think this is what Xiluodu is best at. It is not that he is not strong enough, or he can not control the Knicks. But I think it is not the right time to come. This Knicks is a team still in the mire.

It is more suitable for the coach who may be more moderate to carry forward. The characteristics of each player bring them out of the mire. So I don’t think that the signing of this contract does not mean that Hebrew is not good enough. I gave C, but I think it is a problem that the timing is not right.

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