The deal can’t be said to be a mere bargaining chip

It’s true that for bucks, this deal can’t just be seen as a bargaining chip. It must be unequal. The Bucks will definitely lose. But as you said just now, if you consider that this deal can lay a foundation for the future letter song renewal of bucks, this transaction will have to be done.

But I really think that the price of this broken price is a little too high, and this transaction is a little similar to this pickled pepper. Last season’s trade, thunder gave the pickled peppers to the clippers, and the Clippers paid a lot of price. We think the price of this fast man is too high.

But you have to know that the deal is actually a contract with Kawaii, which is basically bound. Without the arrival of pickled peppers, Kawaii will not come to the clipper. In fact, this is similar to the stag’s horn. Without Hedi, it may mean losing the letter song. From this point of view, this chip is still understandable before.

Remember us, when we were in the shooting guard ranking period, some fans said that we ranked hollodi high. But now, it seems that the general manager of the NBA is really more optimistic about the transaction value. Besides, it is urgent for the bucks to leave letters.

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